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  1. JacobDaGamerHD

    Unsolved Vehicles not moving in ROR 0.4.8

    All the vehicles don't idle, they just stall and they do not move.
  2. JacobDaGamerHD

    Unsolved Texture Trouble

    Under Light Sources, for me (In 4.8) When I have it set to none, most vehicles have missing textures, but when the setting is set to All lights Sources, None of the textures are missing.
  3. JacobDaGamerHD

    Solved Water Cannon particle issue

    For whatever reason the water particle only dribbles out of the cannon, is this a common issue or am I just stupid?
  4. JacobDaGamerHD

    Unsolved Airport Tug

    I used to have a very highly detailed and functional Airport Tug mod for this game, a few months ago I had to reinstall ROR and I forgot to remove the mods from that game, and I lost them, fortunately I found most of the mods from the previous game that I had but this Tug was one of my...