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  1. Brett

    On Hold (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Some trucks i've worked on since 2015 or so. Thanks to Charger for the amazing n/b and support on this project. Stay tuned, cool things are happening
  2. Brett

    WIP - Beta Released "BK Buggy"

    Custom one-off design, made it a few years ago as a test bench for making a working transfer-case and differentials, that functionality has been removed though so you can do as you please with this n/b
  3. Brett

    On Hold 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra (N50)

    Here is my latest piece of work, seems like all I work on nowdays is Nissans. This specific one is a 2007 just like mine, I do plan on all the different changes between 2005 and 2015 though. 3d model: Ingame:
  4. Brett

    Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Continuation of one of my favorite threads, don't post daddy's rides. I'll start: Just purchased a set of LT265/70R16 BFG K02s, waiting for them to be delivered.
  5. Brett

    On Hold 1986.5-1997 Nissan Hardbody Pack

    Something i've worked on off and on over the past years, started in early 2015 when I still had a hardbody. Many versions, its about 90% there. Pathfinder Standard cab Extended cab Crawler
  6. Brett

    On Hold 1967 Nissan/Datsun Patrol

    I made this in december 2016, its nearly finished and the model is 98%. Planned on a few different variants, lwb, crawler, etc. Pics:
  7. Brett

    Released Carson 14x8 Trailer

    Here's a trailer I made in 2016 I believe, it's an exact replica of one I owned in real life. Known issues: Axle is flipped upside down Update 2/2/2018 by CuriousMike: Added submesh Fixed beam syntax errors Download:
  8. Brett

    Released 1973-1987 Squarebody Chevy Pack

    Made in early 2015, don't think ill get to finishing it. Version list: 1973 rclb K20 1973 rclb C10 1973 Suburban 1985 C10 1985 M1008 Update by Michael10055: Fixed missing grille Fixed Flareside/Stepside textures Fixed globals material Changed beam color on new n/b Fixed n/b wheel size
  9. Brett

    Released 1983/1984 Toyota Hilux and 4runner

    Old Hilux pack, made in late 2014. Credits: Various helpful people from Toyota forums for supplying me with great reference pictures. Brkillpack: Meshes, n/b, texture Marlou: Fixing n/b, comp version, turbo diesel sounds Clockwork: textures, Various help DODGE charger: Sounds for 22r...
  10. Brett

    Released BK-Engine Lift

    Made this in a few days forever ago, its somewhat functional but buggy. Enjoy!
  11. Brett

    Released Old GMT400 88-98 Chevy Truck Pack AND Kodiak

    Old Chevy pack, made in mid 2014. Credits: Various helpful people from Chevy forums for supplying me with great reference pictures. Michael: rework, fixes, and being a great dude. Kitty: n/b. Brkillpack: Meshes, textures Getting new meshes sometime soon. DODGECharger: Wonderful sounds...
  12. Brett

    Stuff you have made in Blender, AC3D, 3dsMax, etc.

    Post your latest (non stolen) 3d artwork here. I'll start.