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  1. N008s_PlaysYT

    Unsolved RoR opening problems!!!

    Every time I open RoR it immediately joins the same server I was in and whenever I go to click return to the menu screen it crashes and the game crashes either way and now I can't do single player and play maps. multiplayer doesn't want to work basically...
  2. N008s_PlaysYT

    Helicopter and plane controls

    I don't know how to start the helicopters/airplanes nor fly them and I also don't know most of the controls for the helicopters/airplanes
  3. N008s_PlaysYT

    maps with villages wanted!

    I am looking for any or all good maps with villages and houses with driveways/paths and hills...any suggestions?
  4. N008s_PlaysYT

    Solved node holding

    how do you take a node (i know how to do that you just hold a node on the vehicle and drag) and have it in one place in the air/attach the node to a vehicle node? Is this possible?