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  1. timkoerhuis


    Hi i want to mod in RoR but i have a question to all the modders, in what program is it the best to make an mod and what is the best way to make an custom part. Greetz Tim
  2. timkoerhuis

    Unsolved Powerd Wheels

    Hi i´m working on the man tgx by lenni (for private use) and i´m making the 6x4 chassis to a 6x2 chassis but when i change the number of the tag axle that it´s not power it still is so what is the problem with that?????
  3. timkoerhuis

    Solved Graphics card

    Hi, I have a question, i have a laptop with a nvidia gtx 1050 and intel hd graphics. But when i´m in the options selecting the rendering card the only one that shows up is the intel hd graphics. how can i change it that i can use my gtx1050 card instead of the intel hd graphics