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  1. Weluagi

    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    first mod i tried was either the box5 767 on neo or the ALP45 on train valley, cant remember
  2. Weluagi

    Random Game Videos/Screenshots

    holy no no word, another far cry 2 player?!
  3. Weluagi

    Post your Speedtest results!

    from my school loaner Chromebook: lol it sucks
  4. Weluagi

    What does your computer look like?

    I have an old Dell Latitude E6430 that i regularly use for Ror and gaming. its old and often lags but its reliable and gets the job done :)
  5. Weluagi

    why does your suit look so familiar

    why does your suit look so familiar
  6. Weluagi

    What is your favorite music genre(s)?

    EDM, a pinch of trance, throw in a side of trap, stir in some electro swing and hold the weeb sh** XD (hold it referring to me strongly disliking it)
  7. Weluagi

    How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    like most people on the thread, i got this game mainly because BeamNG is too expensive, and besides beamNG doesnt have a Boeing 777 as good as what RoR has! (to my knowledge ;D)
  8. Weluagi

    What song are you listening to right now?

  9. Weluagi

    What was the last thing you bought?

    I recently purchased the following in one trip: Two box cutters for my job, (produce department at large grocery chain) a bag of kit kat minis (yum) a solar powered flashlight batteries for aforementioned flashlight
  10. Weluagi

    Rate the Picture Above You

    4/10 :poop:
  11. Weluagi

    What games do you have installed

    RoR, Roblox, Blockland, TS2020 (updated from 2014 version), War Thunder, DCS World, Minecraft (Tlauncher) Floating Sandbox, Gmod, Flightgear, Crossout, SMBX, Mario Editor, Stickmin Collection and TF2. oh also Turboprop Flight sim, X plane 10, Trainz 2 mobile, etc etc anyways i think i won XD
  12. Weluagi

    Guess the car

    1936 Cord 812, my turn :>
  13. Weluagi

    Solved Missing textures

    i know this isnt fully related and i am sorry, but i also found that if you tried to adjust engine performance of said bus, it will also spawn in white/textureless this also applies to all vehicles (cars/trucks/etc)
  14. Weluagi

    Solved trains

    Also look at Flatmap 2013, Wind(not windmill mountain, different map). both have train tracks to some degree.
  15. Weluagi

    RoR Classifieds

    Vehicle names: Ford Taunus ghia sedan, Mercedes Sprinter Gen 1, Coronado Semi, Mercedes Vito Year (if unknown, leave blank): 1964, 1995, 2010, 1996 respectively Distance traveled: 450,372 miles, 27,920 miles, 47,664 miles, 458 miles respectively Damages (if none, leave blank): 1. Taunus is...
  16. Weluagi

    Development Screens

    that car is beautiful. are you making this as a mod or for something outside RoR?
  17. Weluagi

    Random Screens

    Scooby Dooby Doo, The Train Killed You!
  18. Weluagi

    Coupling multiple loads with trains

    i believe it was fixed, once had a train of like 20 40'' boxcars pulled by a y-86 and they worked fine, (not counting the huge mess a wreck made)
  19. Weluagi

    oOf hI

    oOf hI