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    Anyone know where to get Generic Muscle Cars?

    I was scrolling through the old forum, and I found a mod called Generic Muscle cars, it was released but when I clicked the links to download it, it lead me to the home page of the new RoR site. I really want the mod, heres the link...
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    Detailed sedans and couples

    Does anyone know a good sedan or coupe car? Maybe something like a bmw c63 amg or something with a similar body type
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    How can i modify a car's horsepower etc.

    There's a car that I downloaded and I wanna turn it into a drag car, Can someone tell me or link a video that shows how to raise a car and how to change that cars horsepower? I don't plan to and have no intention to repost said car or claim it as my own, I won't make it available to the public...