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    Unsolved Input mapping

    So I made an input map for my ror and I put it in the config files and when I went to try and use the wheel with the games it didn’t work so I don’t know what to do
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    Unsolved editing vehicle

    ok so i tried to edit a vehichle for myown use not to post it to thread and i made the radius of the wheels larger they did get larger but dont appear larger so it just looks like my truck is floating what do i do to make the wheels appear larger
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    Unsolved i cant hit next

    i cant click mext so I can install the last paqrt of ror it just wont let me click it for some reswon help I have played before and this has never been a problem it is on install stage
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    old repository

    is there any way to get to the old repository by any chance as I played on a different pc and have no mods now so is it possible to get to old reository