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    Solved txt to truck file

    I dont know if this is the wrong place as i do not use these forums often. But i opened "peelp50blue" truck file in notepad and edited it to make it a bit higher revvs. How do i convert the files. Thanks.
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    Editing Mesh and Material files.

    Hi. I`m doing some work on a vehicle to make it a different model, and am needing to do some work with the steering wheel. Anyways I can open and edit the mesh and material files. Thanks.
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    Unsolved Is it safe

    Ok so there may be manythings asking this. But i cannot find them. is RoR_2020.01_Setup safe. Thanks. Windows smart defender comes up what should i do thanks.
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    Unsolved Hilux

    Hi. Ive tried web.archive for these files which did nt work. These wont download.
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    Gta V to ror

    GTA v has many good mods but my pc is not that good. Is there any way of converting gta v to ror.