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    Lancia Delta EVO

    If this mod is ever finished it would look amazing.
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    BMW E36 Polizei Sedan

    Good stuff
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    WIP - Beta Released Toyota Mark II (X90)

    Lovely. Not tested it yet but does it have an interior
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    Released Ford Mustang foxbody (1982)

    That looks so amazing. I love.the boxy shape
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    Drivable Porta Potty!

    ThAtS kInD oF cRaPpY
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    Does anyone know some good driving maps?

    Thank you. I'll take a look today for some driving maps
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    Does anyone know some good driving maps?

    That's sounds interesting. Do you have a download link
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    Does anyone know some good driving maps?

    Wild west I'd say in which you've on it with me before. Mit city. Any open world countryside or town maps tbh
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    What is your favorite music genre(s)?

    80s stuff ,most of it, and punk rock and pop punk. I prefer punk rock thought. Blink 182 fan. Mainly.stuff from the dude ranch era. Stuff after 2003 can go to hell
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    Post your Speedtest results!

    And this is close to the router
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    Honda Halfcord

    I do actually really like this. An 86' honda Ute. Amazing.
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    Solved txt to truck file

    Amazing. Thanks guys. I can see it was put to solved in which it was.
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    Best RoR mod of all time

    I can't remember the author but the 1994 seat Ibiza. The gear knob shifter works and it's damage is.amazingm
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    Solved txt to truck file

    Thanks for all the quick replies. What if you don't have winrar or 7zip.
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    Solved txt to truck file

    I dont know if this is the wrong place as i do not use these forums often. But i opened "peelp50blue" truck file in notepad and edited it to make it a bit higher revvs. How do i convert the files. Thanks.
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    Editing Mesh and Material files.

    Hi. I`m doing some work on a vehicle to make it a different model, and am needing to do some work with the steering wheel. Anyways I can open and edit the mesh and material files. Thanks.
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    RoR Classifieds

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    How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    | actually got beamng before this. Oct 2017. Then i discovered ror on the 26th nov 2017 at around 10am.
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    RoR Classifieds

    ill take £2,300 for it.