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  1. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC1000 improved

    MrE12AX7 submitted a new resource: Terex-Demag AC1000 improved - AIN_002's AC100 with new textures. Read more about this resource...
  2. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC200-1 improved.

    MrE12AX7 submitted a new resource: Terex-Demag AC200-1 improved. - Retextured version of AIN_002s AC200. Read more about this resource...
  3. MrE12AX7

    Transporter/bridge thingy

    MrE12AX7 submitted a new resource: Transporter/bridge thingy - All around multipurpose load lifter/transporter Read more about this resource...
  4. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released Bucyrus-Erie 3850-B

    This is my Bucyrus Erie 3850 mining shovel. I am releasing this beta. Its mostly there but its not 100% If you want to modify it go right ahead .
  5. MrE12AX7

    Heavy Metal Racing skins for the Crown Vic

    Heavy metal racing team skins for the 99 Crown Vic.
  6. MrE12AX7

    Crown Victoria Sheriff, Highway Patrol and Motor Carrier skins

    These are some simple generic skins for the Crown Vic.
  7. MrE12AX7

    Terex-Demag AC500 improved

    MrE12AX7 submitted a new resource: Terex-Demag AC500 improved. - gamer18's AC500 rextextured PDN files are attached to this post Read more about this resource...
  8. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released 1975 Cadillac Hearse.

    The latest project from my workshop. Note this has no relation to the 1979 Cadillac hearse. They are different vehicles.
  9. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released 1989 ZiL 41047

    1989 ZiL 41047 Limousine. Nothing says "im going to rule your face" quite like this thing. Get it now
  10. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released 1990 Lincoln Town Car

    1990 Lincoln Town Car. Everybodys grandparents car. Now with sounds and all 13 color choices for 1990. New headlights and taillights. Along with some other versions. Make sure to delete the old one and download the new one along with the skin pack.
  11. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released Minetech MT-1000 Mining shovel

    Version 2 out now. If you downloaded the first one delete it and get this one. Its better Mostly more details but I also fixed the crowd from breaking the command beams. This is a generic mining/stripping shovel designed by me. This is a beta and the N/B needs some tuning mainly trying to make...
  12. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released 1938 Mercedes-Benz 770K (Download on 1st page.)

    1938 Mercedes 770.
  13. MrE12AX7

    Is it OK to use example truck files in your projects?

    I have decided to release a beta of the Cadillac. However parts of the N/B structure are taken from the McPherson strut example truck file. Is this okay? I do give credit in the truck file to the author. I took the suspension bit and built the N/B around it. It also uses the engine code from the...
  14. MrE12AX7

    Soundscript help

    I am having trouble with my soundscripts Here is the config file soundsources ;nodeID, sound 40, CadillacEngine 40, caddyhorn and the soundscript CadillacEngine { trigger_source engine pitch_source engine_rpm sound 750.0 500bigblock_idle.wav sound 849.0 500bigblock_low.wav...
  15. MrE12AX7

    Blender portable nb exporter.

    For some reason the nb exporter for blender 2.49 has decided to get angry at me. Something along the lines of Error cannot add beam options. In the console it says option for beam X_X not found in settings. Says something similar for nodes.
  16. MrE12AX7

    WIP - Beta Released 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood & Commercial chassis

    UPDATE New beta 4/24/18 Delete and reinstall BETA released. Known issues. If you spawn the fleetwood first then spawn the hearse the body of the hearse will be white. Credits to Creak for parts of N/B Here is my latest project. A 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood. I am also making a commercial chassis...
  17. MrE12AX7

    Good tutorials to improve my modeling skills.

    Hello, While I would not say I am a complete amateur at 3d modeling I would like to improve my skills for modeling vehicles for RoR Do any of you know of any good tutorials online to improve my skills? I can make good 3d models but I want to improve my skills to make REALLY good 3d models...