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  1. corvette81

    0.38 Maps converted to 0.4.8

    As someone who has used this tutorial can say its super easy and even a novice to RoR modding should be able to fully convert something in under 10 minutes.
  2. corvette81

    HI join in!!!

    People make content for themselves, they aren't obligated to share it so when people expect that it should be shared the response is usually a frustrated one especially considering how often it happens. Best thing to do would be to join discord and ask if something is already released rather...
  3. corvette81

    WIP - Beta Released Neo2.0 (Urban Map)

    You mean like offroad trails? cause I doubt it being its an Urban map
  4. corvette81

    Outdated Nissan 180sx

    Will it deform? Thanks in advance