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    Can anyone help me get LODs working?

    Can anyone help me to get the lods working in the attached file please?
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    Performance: Batches v Tris

    My laptop is a bit of a potato, but I noticed batches seem to have more effect than triangles, when looking at the stats shown by pressing F. E.g. MitCity with 3,000,000 triagles and 300ish batches is more than 3x the speed of the community map with 900,000 triangles and 750+ batches. What is...
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    How do i make a mod for RoR?

    UV mapping is defining co-ordinates on your model to map the textures too, if you are completely new to it all I would look at one of the many tutorials on youtube. Start with learning to make a mesh (the 3d shape in space) You can then get your basic mesh in to RoR to play about with. Next...
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    [solved] Poor terrain collisions

    Actually, that was a coincidence. I discovered the real issue was the normals texture applied in the first layer of the page-0-0.otc
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    Released Tutorial: How to export height map from Blender to RoR

    Blender 2.9 has awesome sculpting tools. I thought I would show a quick way to get a terrain sculpted in Blender in to RoR. I'm assuming you know Blender so this isn't hugely in depth. This terrain was worked on in L3DT Pro and then refined in Blender. The first stage is to assign a material...
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    [solved] Poor terrain collisions

    It wasn't defined at this stage. I scaled it down to 1 pixel < 1m and all is resolved. I'll just make a smaller terrain.
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    [solved] Poor terrain collisions

    With a large terrain (where 1 pixel in height map = 2.4m in game) using a png height map the visual terrain and ground collisions don't always line up. Is there any tweak to terrn2 or otc I can make to improve this? Meshes at this size still have the correct collisions so I assume it's to...
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    I'm a little lost

    This is my odef. I have tried different letter cases and in different maps and no joy. I have a large map and because any page where X or Y >0 doesn't have collisions I was trying to use tiled meshes over a flat map instead of tiled height maps, but without LODS there is no point in progressing...
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    I'm a little lost

    Hi guys, I'm a bit lost looking for some info, I think we've been through 3 forums and a couple of wikis since I started messing about with RoR, and I have lost some of the references I have previously bookmarked. What I currently need help with: My terrain mesh LODs aren't working and I can't...
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    Blender 2.8/Ogre

    Thanks, I had seen some fears elsewhere that since Game Engine was dropped Ogre plugins might die off too.
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    Blender 2.8/Ogre

    The Ogre import/export tools I have used til now don't work with Blender 2.8, are there any new tools I have missed, or will I need to keep the 2.79 branch around for Ogre stuff?
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC4

    Is there a bug with PSSM shadows on Linux? InvalidParametersException: No shared parameter set with name 'pssm_params'! in GpuProgramManager::getSharedParameters at...
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    PC Build Thread

    It's ok for my uses, but I'm not a big gamer. With the right motherboard (ie not this HP one) they are very overclockable. It's only a 60W TDP processor too. Mine run at 23 deg C idle and 45 deg C 100% load rendering in Blender.
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    PC Build Thread

    I'm running: HP Z600 Dual L5640 Xeons (2.26Ghz/2.8Ghz turbo - total 12 cores/24 threads) 16Gb DDR3 Asus ROG GTX1050 2Gb All in 350 GBP in ebay bargains, with some potential to upgrade processors and memory. This has been a huge upgrade from my old system and Blender and RoR FLY along now.