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    2nd Generation Dodge Dakota

    I've been thinking of this for a long time, And Its finally gonna happen. Ever since I started playing RoR In 2019 I have wanted to make a mod. RoR Needs more pickup trucks, And more Dodges. So Im gonna make a 2nd Gen Dodge Dakota! Its gonna come in 3 Different Time Periods. 2.0 (1997-2000), 2.5...
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    What is your dream car?

    Tell me what your dream car is, And post a photo with it!
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    Looking for an old mod.

    Hello, Im looking for a really old version of Stoat's F-Series pack. It had a ton of extra vehicles, But didnt have the 1967's. I think it was on the old archived forum, But I cannot access that. I had a copy of this on my old HDD, But I lost all my data, Including the copy of this mod. If...