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  1. Brett

    1983/1984 Toyota Hilux and 4runner

    1983/1984 Toyota Hilux and 4runner - Old Hilux pack, made in late 2014 Read more about this file...
  2. Brett

    On Hold (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    Some trucks i've worked on since 2015 or so. Thanks to Charger for the amazing n/b and support on this project. Stay tuned, cool things are happening
  3. Brett

    WIP - Beta Released "BK Buggy"

    Custom one-off design, made it a few years ago as a test bench for making a working transfer-case and differentials, that functionality has been removed though so you can do as you please with this n/b
  4. Brett

    On Hold 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra (N50)

    Here is my latest piece of work, seems like all I work on nowdays is Nissans. This specific one is a 2007 just like mine, I do plan on all the different changes between 2005 and 2015 though. 3d model: Ingame:
  5. Brett

    Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Continuation of one of my favorite threads, don't post daddy's rides. I'll start: Just purchased a set of LT265/70R16 BFG K02s, waiting for them to be delivered.
  6. Brett

    On Hold 1986.5-1997 Nissan Hardbody Pack

    Something i've worked on off and on over the past years, started in early 2015 when I still had a hardbody. Many versions, its about 90% there. Pathfinder Standard cab Extended cab Crawler
  7. Brett

    On Hold 1967 Nissan/Datsun Patrol

    I made this in december 2016, its nearly finished and the model is 98%. Planned on a few different variants, lwb, crawler, etc. Pics:
  8. Brett

    Released Carson 14x8 Trailer

    Here's a trailer I made in 2016 I believe, it's an exact replica of one I owned in real life. Known issues: Axle is flipped upside down Update 2/2/2018 by CuriousMike: Added submesh Fixed beam syntax errors Download:
  9. Brett

    Released 1973-1987 Squarebody Chevy Pack

    Made in early 2015, don't think ill get to finishing it. Version list: 1973 rclb K20 1973 rclb C10 1973 Suburban 1985 C10 1985 M1008 Update by Michael10055: Fixed missing grille Fixed Flareside/Stepside textures Fixed globals material Changed beam color on new n/b Fixed n/b wheel size
  10. Brett

    Released 1983/1984 Toyota Hilux and 4runner

    Old Hilux pack, made in late 2014. Credits: Various helpful people from Toyota forums for supplying me with great reference pictures. Brkillpack: Meshes, n/b, texture Marlou: Fixing n/b, comp version, turbo diesel sounds Clockwork: textures, Various help DODGE charger: Sounds for 22r...
  11. Brett

    Released BK-Engine Lift

    Made this in a few days forever ago, its somewhat functional but buggy. Enjoy!
  12. Brett

    Released Old GMT400 88-98 Chevy Truck Pack AND Kodiak

    Old Chevy pack, made in mid 2014. Credits: Various helpful people from Chevy forums for supplying me with great reference pictures. Michael: rework, fixes, and being a great dude. Kitty: n/b. Brkillpack: Meshes, textures Getting new meshes sometime soon. DODGECharger: Wonderful sounds...
  13. Brett

    Stuff you have made in Blender, AC3D, 3dsMax, etc.

    Post your latest (non stolen) 3d artwork here. I'll start.