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  1. Carlos

    Carlos' Aftermarket Parts

    WELCOME TO MY THREAD Hello, I will be posting my aftermarket parts for Rigs of Rods. [UPDATES] *A .pdn skin template has been added into the Enkei TS5 zip folder for people who want to personalize the rim with their desired color. Enkei TS5 Wheels Download (Instructions included in the .zip...
  2. Carlos

    Roll cage for Mitsubishi Space Wagon

    Carlos submitted a new resource: Roll cage for Mitsubishi Space Wagon - It makes your Wagon look cooler lol Read more about this resource...
  3. Carlos

    Carlos' ReShade Config

    itlognicaloy13 submitted a new resource: Carlos' ReShade Config - A reshade config from Carlos. Read more about this resource...
  4. Carlos

    For people who knows alot in truck file modding

    Do you guys know how to stance your vehicles? The tutorials on modifying the truck file in this website is not beginner friendly.. :l Don't worry, I will never re-upload them here or anywhere else, I just want to spice things up.
  5. Carlos

    Lights not hitting the terrain.

    I don't know if someone already posted this but a lot of maps have this thing where the light only hits the roads and objects but not the terrain itself. Here are the examples if you're not familiar but I think you should be already: Brutal Valley FPS, the problem does the same to some...
  6. Carlos

    Solved Air-based vehicles crashing the game.

    i just registered my acc here and i dont exactly know where to put this yet so it seems that all of my airplanes and helicopters crash the game, and the rest of the vehicles are working fine. do you guys have any idea on whats going on? what causes the crashes?