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  1. TankurfaceJr

    RoR Crashing

    So I start the game and I can't get the thing to get past map loading.
  2. TankurfaceJr

    1990s Chevrolet Ambulances EDIT

    TankurfaceJr submitted a new resource: 1990s Chevrolet Ambulances EDIT - Neo-Queretaro's new (to them) Medics! Read more about this resource...
  3. TankurfaceJr

    TankurfaceJr's Thread

    This is my public thread for my mod-making and my projects! Check back every day for updates! SPEAKING OF UPDATES: First Release: 1987 Ford Festiva! The car has a 1.3L Inline 4 Engine, which makes approximately 58 hp. Of course, the scale needs to be adjusted, but it's showing up. Not sure...
  4. TankurfaceJr

    Why won't it show up?

    So I used the "newTruck" file to make my 2013 Tahoe PPV. It worked for the most part but when I spawn it in, it zooms wayyyyyy out and when I press "k" the nodes and beams don't show. When i delete the vehicle, the zoom is stuck like that. Where did I go wrong?
  5. TankurfaceJr

    Beams not showing?

    So I've been working on some seriously big stuff, gang. I'm planning on making a BUTTLOAD of police, fire and ems vehicles. (See my plans and progress here) Long story short, I've been doing a bunch of n/b creations in nodeSnap, but for some reason the beams don't show up in-game, for one, and...
  6. TankurfaceJr

    On Hold NASCAR in RoR?!

    Hey guys, I'm new to the modding scene here, but I've made the beginning of a NASCAR! It's my first mod, so go easy on me, lol! But for the moment, it is on hold. I need to get blender, and it's a lot of space for my tiny machine. So for right now, this is as far as it will be going. If anyone...
  7. TankurfaceJr

    What did I do wrong?

    So I've been trying to make an ambulance model, and when I try to spawn it in game, it crashes. My log is attached, can anyone help me out?
  8. TankurfaceJr

    Help? Advice? Maybe?

    Soo... yeah, uh, hey guys, I'm TankurfaceJr, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with modding. I want to create mods from the ground up, not convert it. I'm new to the whole modding thing, but I am hell-bent and determined to learn. So I was planning on making a some dirt-track race cars...