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  1. Qashqai

    Outdated Toyota Mark II (X90)

    lol PDN Please read the "READ THIS.TXT" file in the zip before asking me questions about what you can and can not do.
  2. Qashqai

    CPU-Z Benchmark Thread

    Make sure your version of CPU-Z uses benchmark version 17.01.64 Since I created this thread I guess I'll start, here is an i7-2600k at 5ghz
  3. Qashqai

    Cinebench R15/R20 Results Thread

    All replies must contain a screenshot of the result I guess I'll start
  4. Qashqai

    Outdated Nissan 180sx

    Something I've been working on this past few months, It's been coming along pretty well so far, but there is still lots of stuff I need to do. Versions planned, underlined text means its already been modeled 1990 180sx Type II 1996 180sx Type X (still need to do the wing) Some tuned version...
  5. Qashqai

    Post your Reshade configs + How to create a new config

    Rules of this thread: 1. All replies must contain a Reshade config file (NOT d3d9.ini) and must be different from my config that is already on the repo. 2. If you don't like someones config, don't say anything about it. 3. Your reply must contain at least 1 picture of your config in-game...