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    switched to version and the vehicles are all flickery

    help I switched to the version and my character and vehicles are flickering. it didn't do this when I was on the installer. the general faq literally just tells me to disable shadows. but I still want shadows gpu: nivida gtx 1080
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    how do I migrate my user/mods to the itch version

    so 2021.02 was released and I wanna try the version, but how do I migrate all of my user stuff into the version? also how do I change the install directory for the itch version
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    how do I figure out the horsepower of a truck

    how is the horsepower calcuated
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    Need help with RoR ogre importer

    How do I get the positions to match the in-game positions? When they get imported, there's a 50/50 chance it will... A. be "snapped" to the right place on the truck B. be in the center of the workspace and you will have to tediously move it yourself This is confusing to me. I went into the...
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    How do I get submesh UVs onto a model?

    I'm using ulteq's blender N/B importer. When you import a N/B, sadly it doesn't contain the submesh UVs. I tried following texcoords but it results in this: and I don't think that looks right. I also manually added the UVs based on in-game UVs. It's tedious, and it makes the vehicle look...
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    Imagemagick "no suck file or directory"

    I keep on getting this stupid error and almost smashed my window when trying to do this. What does it mean "not suxch file or directory?" IT'S THERE! i'M TRYING to convert raw to bmp. magick convert -depth 16 -size 1025x1025 -endian LSB gray:NeoQueretaro.raw NeoQueretaro.bmp convert...
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    Where is the map graphic for a map?

    I've searched everywhere in the folder of the map but no files. I want to edit the map file so I can make street race routes. *Edit: I want the image that appears when you press TAB when in a map.
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    Random vehicle?

    Is there a way to spawn a random vehicle from the loader?
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    Do Xbox Series X controllers work with RoR?

    Sorry for so many threads made. But I have so many questions about this game. I recently paired my Xbox Series X controller with my PC using Bluetooth. Tried playing RoR and it doesn't work.
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    What command is the terrain command in the any servers?

    @Pixel told me but I forgot. I want to see which terrain people are in any servers.
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    Where do I find this file?

    I want to modify an older version of RoR. I want to replace the mesh cpp with the new one. But where do I find these files? I can't find em anywhere.
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    Need help finding a map on a mini picture?

    What map is this on this mini picture? It looks neat.
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    Ghost races?

    Like everytime you completed a race, it would save a replay of that. You can race against other peoples ghosts in races.
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    Show flexbody names?

    Is there a way to show all the labels of the flexbodies on the vehicle?
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    How do I connect an crane to a car?

    Pressing L doesn't work. I think it was some other key but I can't recall it.
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    Video tutorial on how to make submesh vehicles?

    I want to make vehicles just like the way Pricorde did. The docs don't really help since it doesn't really give me information on how 2 submesh. Is there a video tutorial or something? I know it involves of using papercraft printouts as textures
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    How do I disable the node-grabbing?

    Sometimes when I'm doing something in-game, I move my mouse and it recongizes it as node-grabbing. My vehicle is then instantly flung across the map. It annoys me. How do I turn it off?
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    No sound?

    I can't hear anything from the game. The correct audio device is selected. I use Windows 10. And I use my Astro A10 for headphones.
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    Where do I find this Lexus LS 430?

    I found it on IGCD. It appears that it is made by Gabester, but it is not included in the gabester content pack. I found some sort of fix on the archives but they're unavabile right now :(
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    Invalid how do I make a truck?

    the truck file format on the wiki doesn't really help me it's all over the place