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  1. grahamjamesaddis

    Solved Confusion with Blender vs RoR axes

    I've raised a ticket against the ror_import and ror_export scripts to load truck files into Blender. It seems the x,y,z axes in Blender don't line up with the RoR axes after importing. The exporter makes the reverse translation, so the...
  2. grahamjamesaddis

    Solved Blender 2.8 addon ror_import/ror_export

    Hello people, I've had a go at updating the following addon(s) to blender 2.8 and at first glance it seems to work. I had a look, but I couldn't find a github repository to set up a pull request for. Any pointers...
  3. grahamjamesaddis

    Vectored jet engines - Flyboard Air

    I'm trying to model a Flyboard air. To do this I need to create a model with vectored jet engines. Is this possible in RoR?