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  1. Will

    Most recent Blender project

    Title says it all. What is your most recent blender project? Mine is this kitchen render I've been working on:
  2. Will

    Who plays an instrument?

    Violin, Percussion, Piano, the list goes on.
  3. Will

    Unsolved Electric on Triggered Flare

    Hi all. I would like to create a flare that activates when the vehicles electricity is on. Wondering if there was anyway this was possible. Thanks!
  4. Will

    Solved Rear Wheel bug on Jason's Vision

    The vehicle should be in a .zip. It SHOULD NOT be extracted. Again, in a .ZIP.
  5. Will

    Clickable Mesh Items

    Is there a way to make, per say a button, clickable?
  6. Will

    Solved Rigs of Rods TK

    Hello. I know that Toolkit is probably not supported, so if it isn't and nobody can help me, so be it. Every time I open toolkit, this happens. If you can't support it I understand.
  7. Will


    Hi y’all. Just had a quick question, did RoR ever have a retail version? Thanks!
  8. Will

    Unsolved Mesh Export Error @CuriousMike
  9. Will

    Unsolved Mesh Export Error

    Every time I use Torchlight Mesh exporter for Blender, I get this error.
  10. Will

    Unsolved Editing a Mesh in Blender, Strange Materials

    I am editing a dashboard mesh in blender. I have imported the mesh, applied the materials, applied the textures, editing, then exporting. I am not using the .material, as I am not changing any textures. Below is a image of what is happening.
  11. Will

    Solved Blotchy Image When Baking (Blender)

    Thank you.
  12. Will

    Solved Blotchy Image When Baking (Blender)

    Whenever I am making a bake, the image always comes out 'blotchy' or pixelated. Screenshot: (It doesn't look this way from far away, but zooming in it is.)
  13. Will

    Unsolved Shading Issue in 4.8

    For some reason the forums don't support .log files so I converted it to .txt
  14. Will

    Unsolved Shading Issue in 4.8

    When I spawn some vehicles in 4.8, on some meshes, there are these strange shading issues. Link underneath text is a screenshot, if anyone could help me, that would be great. Thanks.
  15. Will

    Solved Trucks and Trailers

    Any good Trucks or Trailer packs? I have the Box5 trucks but thats about it. Just wondering about your guys' opinions on the best. Please don't submit no interior trucks and/or SketchUp warehouse models. That isn't a good idea.
  16. Will

    RoR needs some way to grow it's community.

    RoR is a good game, that while yes, I think that it needs a bigger playerbase, you should give it time. Once 4.8 comes out, I'm sure we will grow. And yes I agree that the bus community is ruining the game. Not everyone in the bus community, but most.