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  1. Rias Gremory

    Boats are crashing my game.

    Almost every time when i spawn a boat (usually a Weasel Boat on Starling Island), after few seconds my game crashes. I'm using the "fixed" version of the boat.
  2. Rias Gremory

    What's your favourite music band(s)?

    Post your favourite music band(s). You can also post a link to the official YouTube channel of the band(s). Mine are: Pendulum The Qemists The Prodigy
  3. Rias Gremory

    Ignore & delete this thread... Problem solved.

    When i'm trying to load Derbymutt's Desert Run game says "Terrain not found: DesertRun.terrn2", then game glitches. Any help?
  4. Rias Gremory

    Solved Rigs of Rods Archives

    When i enter Rigs of Rods Archives i see this: Any help?
  5. Rias Gremory

    On Hold 1986 Audi Sport quattro S1

    Anyone else done a Audi Sport quattro S1? Very plenty of work to do - everything is missing, except the N/B, which is unfinished anyway. Planned features; Flexbody; Skins for the Rally version; Realistic size, power & weight; Fully meshed body: submesh only for collisions; Attachable...
  6. Rias Gremory

    Solved After my username was changed my user token don't work anymore.

    Hello, After my username was changed, my user token no longer works. I tried re-adding it & still didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. Rias Gremory

    Solved My server doesn't even work.

    My server doesn't detect IP & server name. slots = 70 name = GeminiStorm92 Any terrain = any # ip = port = 25000 mode = inet motdfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.motd authfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.auth rulesfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.rules # owner = GeminiStorm92...
  8. Rias Gremory

    I want to move RoR to better rendering engine.

    I want to move RoR to better rendering engine. But, to not screw up anything, i need help. In addition, why did the developers decide on a poor Ogre3D engine?
  9. Rias Gremory

    Unsolved Aspen Grove got glitched.

    After loading the Aspen Grove terrain, there are some strange black objects above me, terrible FPS and the game will crash almost immediately.
  10. Rias Gremory

    Unsolved Game can't detect the controller.

    I connected the controller to the computer &... game can't detect it. Please help.
  11. Rias Gremory

    Solved Derbymutt's TC-S gone weird.

    Derbymutt's TC-S looks like on this thumbnail. How to fix this? This is a great car, but with glitch looks SCARY.
  12. Rias Gremory

    Solved Miami crashes the game

    The game on this terrain at some point got freezed and this terrain does not work. Rebuild cache does not give anything.
  13. Rias Gremory

    Solved Karosa B732 crashes the game.

    Every time i spawn the Karosa B732, it crashes my game. This bus looks amazing. Is there a way to fix crashing with