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  1. Fili86RaceFace

    name map

    does anyone remember the name of this map? used time by for a video, thx
  2. Fili86RaceFace

    Unsolved impossible make screen to rc 4

    how do you make screens with this version? I set the format, but nothing happens when I press the print button save the image as a classic computer screen, I see it again if I open paint and paste the image I tried to modify the inputmap without any result thx
  3. Fili86RaceFace

    Unsolved Dark terrain texutres on linux

    almost all the maps are like this, on windows this does not happen
  4. Fili86RaceFace

    Unsolved cargo engine 2

    i try spawn this mod, this mod block game, same problem on old 0.39, is possible fix it? have problem on spawn screen 0.39 alert 0.4 thx
  5. Fili86RaceFace

    conversion old map 0.39 to 0.4

    this map not in repository not in archives
  6. Fili86RaceFace

    Unsolved Kenworth T600 AeroCab

    I tried to look for this truck but in its old thread I find the zip, but inside the zip is missing the texures of the cabin info? thx old thread https://archives.rigsofrods.net/old-forum/forums/106-General-Chat/118329/page-0001.html
  7. Fili86RaceFace

    WIP RORO Cargo trailer system

    I'm proceeding to the creation of these trailers and the connector to be able to move them through the terminal tractor, there will be different sizes of these trailers, the payload ranges from 30 to 120 tons, but can be coupled with a specific system that allows lifting two trailers at the same...
  8. Fili86RaceFace

    Solved update 0.39 map to 0.4

    does any documentation exist? conversion procedure is complicated? thx
  9. Fili86RaceFace

    Unsolved Add rail on map

    add rail on map with blender, not see wiki
  10. Fili86RaceFace

    Solved project blender

    I'm starting a blender project, you can tell me if I have to respect a ladder, I have other special measures, thank you
  11. Fili86RaceFace

    Your ROR experience - La tua esperienza su ROR

    EN - Tell us about your experience in ror, follow the questions below and explain why we prefer ror compared to other games, attach a screen with your favorite vehicle 1 How did you know this game? 2 Which vehicle do you prefer to use? 3 Which map do you prefer to use? 4 Which modder is your...
  12. Fili86RaceFace

    Random Videos

    post your video