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  1. PenguinvilleRescue1

    Arizona Green Tea for Coronado SD & Volvo VNL

    PenguinvilleRescue1 submitted a new resource: Arizona Green Tea for Coronado SD - (referred to as 122SD in game) Read more about this resource...
  2. PenguinvilleRescue1

    Rate the photo above you - Rigs of Rods edition

    The title says it all. Use a scale of 1-10. EDIT: Since I apparently didn't make this clear enough, you're going to need to add a photo as well. I'll start:
  3. PenguinvilleRescue1

    What is/was your least favorite subject in school?

    The title says it all. My least favorite subject-- I actually have two-- was history in middle school, and English in high school. I'd like to hear yours!