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  1. Adrian859

    I'm looking for a formula.

    I'm looking for a formula. I have a "mean machine" but I want something else.
  2. Adrian859

    Where to download this vehicle?

  3. Adrian859

    which map is it?

    which map is it?
  4. Adrian859

    which map it is

    does anyone know which map it is, please link.
  5. Adrian859

    Skin for gavril g2

    I downloaded these skins https://forum.rigsofrods.org/resources/some-skins-for-the-gavril-g2.704/ but on gavril g2 it doesn't work (g2r g2s g2x works). Guid is.
  6. Adrian859

    adding a guid

    Someone will send me a gavril zeta with guid already added. When i added the guid it didn't work and i want an example.
  7. Adrian859


    How to put on the skin?
  8. Adrian859

    How do I update rigs of rods?

    How do I update rigs of rods 2021.02-2.42 To version 2021.04 ? I saw a post that version 2.42 is not compatible with 2021.04