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  1. Agent V12

    Beta Boeing 767 Skin Pack - New + Updated Skins

    Most skins now have a more accurate window layout. Latest skins by Careful_Driver are included. Several of my newest liveries. -Enjoy!
  2. Agent V12

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack

    Agent V12 updated Boeing 767 Skin Pack with a new update entry: New + Updated Skins Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Random Screens

  4. Agent V12

    Random Screens

  5. Agent V12

    Beta Boeing 767 Skin Pack 1.2

    A compilation of all of the 767 skins I could find, along with some of my own. To do: -Properly credit authors to appropriate skins -Make more skins :)
  6. Agent V12

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack

    Agent V12 submitted a new resource: Boeing 767 Skin Pack - Content in a Convenient Carrying Case Read more about this resource...
  7. Agent V12

    Lightin' up the sky

    Lightin' up the sky
  8. Agent V12

    Unsolved - No Reply from OP Need help about mods!

    What version of the game are you using, and could you post the RoR.log?
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    Random Screens

    Some Good Ol' Fun
  10. Agent V12

    Solved Car Move/Spawn Problem

    Are you talking about backspace?
  11. Agent V12

    Super-Sizing some loads.

    Super-Sizing some loads.
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    Random Screens

    Latest & Greatest
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    Clickable Mesh Items

    There is a way to make levers that properly function. Sputnik did this on many of his rail cars. It may be possible to make working switches out of this concept, maybe even buttons with slide nodes and shocks, but there is no way to make buttons clickable in the same way buttons are clickable in...
  14. Agent V12

    one question to the mod makers

    Not only that, but every program you would need in order to create high quality content is completely free to use.
  15. Agent V12

    What song are you listening to right now?

    This song is part of the reason my YouTube is so screwed up.
  16. Agent V12

    keep getting errors.

    There are a few questions that need to be answered before this one; -What version of RoR are you using? -What are the vehicles that are causing the crash? Also, post your ror.log. Keep in mind that support for has been dropped, so upgrading to most likely is your solution.
  17. Agent V12

    What is your favorite music genre(s)?

    EDM and Dubstep are my go-to genres. "EDM is not a real thing"
  18. Agent V12

    Unsolved Making skins

    There is a tool on the main tool bar called the color picker, and you can use the recolor tool to paint in that color while still keeping the shading of the texture intact.
  19. Agent V12

    Random Screens