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  1. V3ct0red

    WIP - Beta Released '67 Bronco Crawler Restored

    Erm... What is AO baking, by the way? I understand that the AO is the shading on the skin...
  2. V3ct0red

    Car doesn't change it textures, system is same like in Audi 80

    I might be of little help, but have you changed the name of the .TRUCK file? Because if you have two truck files named the same, if one is an Audi A4 and the other is an Audi 80, it doesn't matter if they're different, one of them will be the other.
  3. V3ct0red

    SFW Memes

    I can relate to these because I've played Mario Kart Wii.
  4. V3ct0red

    WIP - Beta Released '67 Bronco Crawler Restored

    This is giving me Just Cause 4 vibes. Don't ask why. Also, great job on the crawler, Gibbzy.
  5. V3ct0red

    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Is it okay if I make some 'semi-fictional' (meaning they're real airlines but never serviced the 777) and fictional skins for this plane? Thanks.
  6. V3ct0red

    Random Screens

    Ah yes, fictional U-Haul skin.
  7. V3ct0red

    All's good. What's up?

    All's good. What's up?
  8. V3ct0red


  9. V3ct0red

    Development Screens

    Woohoo! Included skins found in the .zip! .
  10. V3ct0red


  11. V3ct0red

    Antonov An-225

    You said it, brother.