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    What is this vehicle?

    What is the orange four wheel bulldozer tractor in the foreground of this picture and where can I find a link to download it? I can't find any pictures of it other than this one from DIRally.com from 2012. Here is a link to the thread on DIRally.

    How to couple multiple SGNSS-Y and RBNS train cars to the Henschel?

    I've been learning how to drive the different trains and how to couple train cars, and I can't figure out how to couple more than one car to the back of the Henschel. I've tried selecting cars then pressing F7, selecting the Henschel and pressing Control-F7, and moving them around in different...

    Pricorde and Gabester Content Packs not working.

    I've tried getting the Pricorde and Gabester vehicle packs to work and nothing from either one shows up in-game. I download them, copy them from my Downloads folder into the Rigs of Rods 0.4 vehicles folder. Does anyone know how I could solve this?