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  1. Jett G

    Map Mesh Texture is Black

    I made a road mesh for my L3DT map and it's black for some reason. I baked it in blender and put a texture on in PDN yet it is still black. How do I fix it?
  2. Jett G

    Multiplayer Server Issues

    I setup a multiplayer server and did everything properly in the .cfg files and Port Forwarded. I started it and for some reason it was on the server list even though I had it set to LAN. I don't want it on the server list whatsoever and it's also saying I don't have a password when I put the...
  3. Jett G

    Can I please have help with my Logitech g29 shifter?

    Hello I posted in the past about a TH8A shifter no one responded unfortunately. I previously received a Logitech shifter. I plugged it into my g923 but nothing is happening in RoR. The odd thing is it works with BeamNG though. Oh btw I also downloaded the 2.0 input map. Could someone please be...
  4. Jett G

    Does anyone know how to get the TH8A shifter to work?

    I'm curious. Does this shifter work? I have been trying to get my new shifter to work on Rigs of Rods. I saw a thread that says you have to create your own input map but I have already tried that but I don't know.