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  1. only_a_ptr

    AngelScript scripting quickstart guide.

    We have a decently-capable scripting environment, and it will get expanded in a close future. This thread should be a catch-all introductory spot. Credit is due: the scripting subsystem, along with a race manager script, was developed by former member 'neorej16' in circa 2010 - correct me if I'm...
  2. only_a_ptr

    Flashlight 2022-09-16

    A generic flashlight. To use, spawn using the selector, enter via top menubar and activate using hotkey N. Please note the screenshot below was taken from development build. Marked CC-0, the ".blend" file is included.
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    only_a_ptr submitted a new resource: Flashlight - Simple flashlight Read more about this resource...
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    Node/beam diagnostic options roundup

    It so hapenned that I need very detailed physics diagnostic tool myself, because My plan of action: Check what feats my v0.4.0.7 retro-build (see README) has. I don't want anything useful to get lost. I already noticed...
  5. only_a_ptr

    Truck file format: new feature suggestions

    I'd love to be able to define custom wheel N/B. All existing wheel types are lacking in some area: Stability, be it expansion at speed or bad handling - commonly adressed by using external tools to add additional support beams to existing wheels. Special features - for example 'wheels2' have...
  6. only_a_ptr

    opensource engine simulation

    Thank you for bringing it up here - I noticed the video on youtube but only now I actually played it. The most inspiring part is the author's motivation - he was dissatisfied with the engine sounds in games. That makes two of us, though I'm more focused on non-engine sounds like wheels rolling...
  7. only_a_ptr

    Outer space (atmosphere)

    Like this maybe? I played this game in the 90's and you reminded me of it.
  8. only_a_ptr

    Truck file format: new feature suggestions

    One thing I'd like to fit into the upcoming release is the ability to combine multiple truck files into one. Following it'll become technically trivial, just implement a directive such as ; Tip: the scale params can have negative values to...
  9. only_a_ptr

    Hydro 'r' flag.

    I've just validated a bug report from DannyWerewolf on Discord: on current stable release (2022.04) and prior, the `hydros` flag `r` (rudder input) also works for land vehicles and, quote: On current release, with "r" is exactly how it should be, and about how fast the trucks have always...
  10. only_a_ptr

    Creating waypoints for meshed map (f1_tesstrack) with Blender

    Thanks for the advice @rents1977, I googled some more and now I have a functional export to a JSON-based waypoint format which Tritonas just announced in Discord/#development. Source and instructions to use: import bpy import bmesh # header print...
  11. only_a_ptr

    Creating waypoints for meshed map (f1_tesstrack) with Blender

    Hello. Tritonas was wandering if AI waypoints could be somehow generated for a meshed track (not using procedural_roads). I figured it would be easiest to import the terrain to Blender and copy the vertices of the roads to create a "navigation mesh" of sorts where individual verts would be like...
  12. only_a_ptr

    Cleanup of RoR.cfg setting names and console variable names

    Hi everybody. I'd like to clean up the setting names in RoR.cfg. Some are long like "Engines spawn running", some crammed like "GearboxMode" and all have primary short name like "sim_spawn_running" and "sim_gearbox_mode". When using the ingame console, you can only use the shortnames. Full...
  13. only_a_ptr

    Checklist for porting to different 3d engine than OGRE.

    I changed my mind about this... I'm going to do an experiment where I stay with OGRE but make it theoretically replaceable. I'll split the application to 2 pieces: Backend (RoR.dll) - will work exactly as now (RoR.cfg,, RoR.log, mods... all loaded via OGRE) and it will draw GUI with...
  14. only_a_ptr

    Trouble Installing Addons

    A lot could have gone wrong. In the game, you can press ~ to open console window which shows errors and warnings from the spawn process. You can also look into RoR.log which has even some more details.
  15. only_a_ptr

    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    Hi @Max98, It's awesome to hear the project is going and maturing. The bulkiness of Electron always made me uneasy, migration to Tauri (as the sole emergence of Tauri) is fantastic news. Just for the record, here's a GitHub link: because...
  16. only_a_ptr

    What's up with development

    It's going to be something around multiple passes and shadow casting/receiving directives. I can't really work with it. Honestly this is the first time I'm even looking at "general.material", so you're already a step ahead. Keep trying, you'll get there. The current OGRE version we use already...
  17. only_a_ptr

    What's up with development

    @rents1977 I can't really write shaders fluently but once I made a working vertex shader which simply moved everything 1 meter to the side and pixel shader which painted everything bright yellow. I suggest you build OGRE samples, pick one which already uses shaders and then pull some wires to...
  18. only_a_ptr

    UI improvement

    Hello. I think it's a great idea, and in fact, I've already made a proof-of-concept using DearIMGUI and scripting: The UI is very basic, just one window with colored text, but it showcases how the script can read keyboard commands and their...
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    What's up with development

    Greetings. I never really post any dev news because I work quite chaotically, I have more than a dozen things going at any given time and I switch between them based on personal conditions. But I've just been "interviewed" about it by Max98 on Discord and with his permission, I'm reposting the...
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    Truck file format: new feature suggestions

    Greetings. This thread is for suggesting changes and new features to the rig definition file format, aka 'truck' fileformat: Just to be perfectly clear - I'm never going to stop supporting the truck file format or any part of it. I...