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    nodeSnap: Truckfile editor

    Max98 submitted a new resource: nodeSnap: Truckfile editor - An editor for RoR's truck file format Read more about this resource...
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    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    Hello everyone! Approximately two months of total lock down and a lot of web development learning, experience and rigs of rods nostalgia, I decided to make a new project, both for learning purposes for me and for RoR. I present you: nodeSnap. Or... Most the 777-300ER was actually done here...
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    macOS compiling problem.

    Hello everyone, So I've been playing around with the source code and i wanted to compile it on High Sierra. First thing, Ogre 1.9 does not compile on High Sierra, so I had to use Ogre 1.11.2 which kinda already has a port on the upstream repo. Worked my way through the deps, RoRConfig doesn't...