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  1. Construction Guy

    Community map link

    Anyone know where I can get community map?Link from Discord is dead.
  2. Construction Guy

    Solved Help!

    I need some help,I saw on a lot of Neg's videos that he opens doors of volvo vnl,spawns cones again again without entering shop,puts his jcb on like slow drive while digging,and manages to pick free camera on and still drive vehicle any help?
  3. Construction Guy


    Hi I was wondering if this one mod was ever realeased? Thanks!
  4. Construction Guy

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year and new decade I wish you guys everything best and have fun!
  5. Construction Guy

    Unsolved Game controls.

    Hi i have an problem when i try to turn like all 4 blinkers I cant do it or I cant switch to next vehicle with keyboard is there any fix to this I reinstalled game but still nothing i try - _ for blinkers but nothing and is there any way to change controls to our custom
  6. Construction Guy

    Community map

    Sorry for asking i really dont know where to put it but as last I been in ror was like 2 months ago idk where i can get community map it seems like interesting map
  7. Construction Guy

    Pump lift

    Hi is there like any pump lift for pallets like one from NegIce but thats public i need it for my truck so i can load pallets without forklift and is there any map that has like loading raqmps like community map has?
  8. Construction Guy

    Solved WHY the heck warnings

    First hello to normal ppl i wanna know why i got always warnings from 4x4convoy guy from forum first i dont see rules i violates second i get warnings for nothing please can someone explain it idk if hes crayz or what but alway he sends me message warning warning god damn wanring tf is with you...
  9. Construction Guy

    Unsolved Making skins

    Hi i wanna make a skin for one volvo ew/ec 160 and i installed the mod the but is there any posibble way like to tap some par of skin and it colors fully in color i want
  10. Construction Guy

    Solved Pass by nothing important

    i play on 0.4.8 build rc4 but whenever i spawn some vehicle other then daf tuck i got errors like dust particle already exists r some other errors about game sry for bad explaining and i used 0.4.7 it works perfect all vehicles or maps except i got some white not loaded things or maps and i...
  11. Construction Guy

    Solved PASS BY

    Hi on whatever i map am except for north helens everything is whit samee for some vehicles anyone help?
  12. Construction Guy

    Solved backhoes

    Does anyone ahs some john deere komatsu backhoes? i have the jcb 3cx but when i wanna attach rear attachment ther spawns some gray pipe and i cant attach it it just swings in air and can attach it to the hand anbody help?
  13. Construction Guy

    HI join in!!!

    Look i am not a beggar but i am hugeee fan of heavy equipment as i saw on neg ices chanel and in random screens thread i saw a few new vehicles but they never realeased if posile i saw a case backhoe from fili86raceface ,a few koamtsu machines from austin adn a few john deere machines if...
  14. Construction Guy

    Unsolved Hi help about trailers

    Hi when i wanna but some load on my lowbeds or some trailer that load just fall thru the trailer any help pls sry for my bad english Sorry for asking but does anyone has john deere 310 or some map where actally i can dig sry for asking just wanna know:censored::ROFLMAO::unsure: