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  1. tritonas00

    2022.04 Discussion thread

    Hi. I just checked this in latest master branch (dev build) and i can't reproduce if the vehicle is not moving. I can leave the hidden vehicle with ENTER. Looking the code, It happens only if the hidden vehicle is moving, which i will fix shortly. Fixed...
  2. tritonas00

    2022.04 Discussion thread

    i will check it out.
  3. tritonas00

    How do I teleport cars somewhere

    open survey map (tab) and left click with mouse
  4. tritonas00

    What's up with development

    An update about the upcoming AI. RoR can now fetch (download) waypoint presets from a json list on github. Its possible to have multiple presets for the same map, or different maps, all in one file. Everyone can contribute to the json list (i will add a tutorial, its very simple and...
  5. tritonas00

    What's up with development

    Update on in-game AI. A lot of options added, AI cars react to user character/vehicles and also recording the path is possible. Airplanes and boats also supported.
  6. tritonas00

    Ford F-Series Pack
  7. tritonas00

    Ford F-Series Pack

    Its a limitation we have currently with multiple zips (mods) inside zip, so you need to extract the downloaded zip manually in your mods folder.
  8. tritonas00

    What's up with development

    An update on something we working currently. In-game AI with user defined waypoints, easily by clicking on the survey map. There are some early testing vids on discord, in development channel.
  9. tritonas00

    UI improvement

    Well it took some time, but concluded: If you spawn anything and hover your mouse on the left of the screen a new menu will appear: The headers are expandable and you can do various actions using the buttons and also learn the corresponding keyboard shortcuts: Thanks all who contributed and...
  10. tritonas00

    Help with terrain not showing

    I can't reproduce it. Can you try with shadows off? Needs RoR restart to take effect.
  11. tritonas00

    Help with terrain not showing

    An example terrain that has the issue?
  12. tritonas00

    Why are certain cars not showing in-game?

    what the original rar contains?
  13. tritonas00

    UI improvement

    Hi @bobz, good to see you around! I would like to implement this. Just to make it clear, you mean actual buttons (with icons or text as label?) that will execute commands when clicked? And hovering will show tooltips with the corresponding keyboard shortcuts?
  14. tritonas00

    What's up with development

    Just to give an update on some projects that are in mind - Parser cleanup/revert to its original state - Update to Ogre 13 (almost done) and remake materials/shadows/lights. Also Ogre 13 fixes the Windows/Unicode issue. - MP collisions - character to vehicle (almost done) and vehicle to vehicle...
  15. tritonas00

    Unable to load new vehicles into game

    Newest version (2022.04) has in game repository you can try that. Also if you downloaded a pack (a zip that contains other mod zips) you need to extract them.
  16. tritonas00

    2021.10 Discussion thread

    Its the same, 2.43
  17. tritonas00

    Post a Picture of Your Desktop V3

    Openbox, lxpanel, conky
  18. tritonas00

    Favorite Web Browser(s)

  19. tritonas00

    Can't join LAN game on same network.

    Your brother probably uses the wrong IP to join Also with the next RoR release you can hide remote vehicles.