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  1. Cassius Clay

    Released 1966 Ford Mustang MK1

    A project by @Carlos that was made about a year ago. Carlos gave me the ok to post his magnificient creation on the Repo, but I thought it was too good to post there so it's on the Forum. Just look at that slab of American engineering, isn't she pretty? This American beast has freedom...
  2. Cassius Clay

    Lancia Delta EVO II Giallo Ginestra skin

    Cassius Clay submitted a new resource: Lancia Delta EVO II Giallo Ginestra skin - A very rare colour choice, with only a handful of Delta's sold with this special colour. Read more about this resource...
  3. Cassius Clay

    Looking for a highway map

    I've seen in some pics that there was a map that has the same road layout similar to the ones in the Penguinville map, but instead it's just a straight away, anyone know what it's called? Thanks.
  4. Cassius Clay

    Trying to find diesel sounds from old thread

    So, I was having a look on Youtube and wanted to see if I could find some diesel sounds for a car, and came across this video: I wanted to find the download link, any way the link could be restored?
  5. Cassius Clay

    What happened to the WIP forum part of the ACTUAL forum?

    Before RoR got moved to .org, there used to be a WIP where creators shared their creations, where is it now? Did it get removed?