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  1. eddy

    Accord interior cut

    eddy submitted a new resource: Accord interior cut - Weight Reduction! Read more about this resource...
  2. eddy

    How do you change the color for the burnside?

    the hue and saturation didnt work in and i knew what to do before but i forgot it seemed like something was added to the "Adjustments" tab but i dont know what had
  3. eddy

    Is This Mod dead now?

    Is Dmatical's Honda Civic not released?
  4. eddy

    Where do you get this track?

    where do you get the derbymutt Dream driftway track? i searched it over the internet and got no results heres the track if you dont know what im talking about
  5. eddy

    Solved Community map Crashes my game

    okay so i have a community map and it crashes my game. ive been trying to solve the issue by myself but it didnt do anything any slight changes wont make a difference at all it just keeps giving me this error message about halfway to the loading. if you need a screenshot then here you go. heres...
  6. eddy

    Solved rigs of rods is getting a error everytime i join a map

    so i was playing on any 1 with the MICDRIFT and somehow my game crashed and when i rejoined i got this error message heres my ror log
  7. eddy

    Dirtymax's add-on parts

    so the yb forum was filled with addons on the addon parts and skins and found out to find dirtymax add on parts and there were engines i liked but none of the links worked the media fire links were dead is there any way to get those files back? heres the link...
  8. eddy

    a hot rod type car

    i looked at a old rigs of rods video dates back to 2007 and it was about new sounds and i came across this car
  9. eddy

    a map that is from the old forums but it would take me to new website

    the map is called N-Country so i clicked on the file and i got moved to the new website where can i get it?
  10. eddy

    Derbymuts go kart

    so i found a go kart derbymutt made its called Derbymutt INDUSTRIES Sim Go Karts V3 and whenever i click the download on the old forum it takes me to the new website but i would like where to get it
  11. eddy

    where do you get this track?

    so i know a track and it has this small mud track and when you race on it, it saids mud race but when i type it on google i cant find the link to it heres a little preview rigs of rods drifting
  12. eddy

    Has anybody seen this drag strip?

    So sometimes when I see drag videos in rigs of rods I see this dragstrip called rock falls raceway and I would love to get that drag strip but I don't know where I can get it
  13. eddy

    Unsolved - No Reply from OP Rock crawl heaven crashes my game at the start

    so for some reason everytime i go to rock crawl heaven it always crashes and i always wondered why it saids its a fatal error