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  1. androxx


    Hello, so I want to change the HUD of my RoR to the 0.39 HUD because I liked the look of it. I remember changing the dash before, but that was with 2020.01. If anyone could help me, that would be appreciated. The HUD in this picture is the one I am talking about.
  2. androxx

    Chevy Astro Monster?

    Hello, I am looking for the Chevy Astro Monster made by Bonehead. I have looked on the archives and I have not found it. Can someone post a link for it? Here is a video of it:
  3. androxx

    Solved: Rigs Of Rods crashing when trying to load NeoQ and North St Helens?

    Hi, I am having a problem with North St Helens and NeoQ. When I try to load the maps, my game crashes and does not show a error. It also does this when trying to load the maps on multiplayer. Here is my ror.log: Edit: Removing and reinstalling mods worked.
  4. androxx

    Solved RoR server not connecting through firewall

    I am trying to make a Rigs Of Rods server, but i am running into a problem. The server is trying to connect and verify its version and i made a outbound rule in the firewall but i allowed the connection and it said it can't connect.