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    On The Look Out For Aintech FLK1500

    Well good day, this one should interest you too: If there are any problems with FLK1500 I'm sadly not able to fix them now :(
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    Better rotator functionality, feature requests.

    Any new plans on either of these features? 😁
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    Coupling multiple loads with trains

    Each individual car could have their own hook to connect to the one in the front, and so on. So it's technically possible, but I don't know how stable it is. In the previous version loads or vehicles tended to break if you had more than three connected, but maybe that's fixed. :)
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    Hey, we'll see. :) Sadly I lost the latest project file for the chassis due to not keeping track of my backups properly (never though that would happen to me haha) so it will be if someone can import the current mesh into Blender and separate them. I give users full freedom to import the meshes...
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    Liebherr LTM 11200-9.2

    Hey. :) When I tried it some time ago I could confirm that it also felt very buggy. Sadly I don't think I can fix this because it might require rebuilding the entire thing. The other issue that you mention, with boom and ballast etc is sadly not something I can fix at all. It's because...
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    Development Screens

    Testing a crawler crane base with an unlockable rotator in combination with a 1500 ton ballast wagon to see if it can move around properly. It can!
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    Better rotator functionality, feature requests.

    Here is a demonstration of a crawler crane pivoting its undercarriage while keeping the superstructure and ballast wagon stationary: Currently looking into some more advanced mechanical couplings, but yes this would be so much easier with a feature built in. :)
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    I won't make a version without SSL, because in RoR there are no axle weight limitations unlike in real life, so it's not worth the effort and there is nothing to gain by removing it. :) But yes 50m version will probably come. Chester what changes are you looking to make? Keep in mind I've been...
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    Looking good, will include it in the next beta version :)
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    That's a good idea actually! So on level ground you'd lower them all individually, and then raise them together slightly if you want. See if you can edit your truck file and see how it works. IIRC things tend to slide slightly on uneven ground due to tiny vibrations, but maybe that has gotten...
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    That's an interesting idea, will consider it. :) Main issue is that it'll make it more difficult to perfectly level the crane on flat ground. If commands had an option for a secondary control, this would be easier. E.g Shift+F12 to lower all supports on flat ground, but an optional control to...
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    Beta release is in the first post! :D
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    What did you do today?

    Yesterday, checking out some real-life stuff in my former hometown after a long break :)
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    Better rotator functionality, feature requests.

    I see! :) With ties as a way to couple rotators, do you mean the simple O-key ties? Because in that case it would interfere with the possibility to tie a load to the crane hook, and also one can't choose exactly what rotator to decouple. Unless there is some new functionality that I've missed...
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    Better rotator functionality, feature requests.

    I don't know if this is the right forum section for feature requests, admin can move to the correct section if needed. :) There's no surprise that I'm all-in on heavy machinery, and many large machines have special functions that are vital for their usability, but currently difficult to...
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    To all active modders

    For whatever reason this community can be quite rude when someone asks for help, despite really trying their best to learn. The wiki page for truck file is where you should start: I also agree that some parts of the wiki make no...
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    WIP - Beta Released AinTech TLK300 - 300 ton telescopic crawler crane

    With taxi, do you mean the operating cabin? As mentioned earlier I'm going to do a complete remake of it. :) Nice to hear that you enjoy the crane!
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC1

    Could anyone please direct me to where I can read the full changelog? :giggle: Everything seems very promising!
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    WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9

    Just wanting to say that I'm quite busy with other things at the moment, so this will take some time, but I absolutely haven't forgotten about it :)
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    How to stiffen hook/hookgroup ties?

    You're right! It uses hookgroups but doesn't have this issue now that I tested it. I'll try to investigate how it works. Thanks for the tip :)