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  1. ThatMercedesGuy93

    Help with terrain not showing

    Hello! I have an issue, Whenever I try to join most maps, some of the terrain type just show up as Black, what would you recommend I do to fix it?
  2. ThatMercedesGuy93

    Modding Question

    Hello! I need help with 3 things, if anyone can try to explain how in simple standards, I would be happy! 1. how do I lower a vehicles suspension? 2. How do I alter a Vehicles drivetrain? 3. (kind of going off #1: ) How do I Lift a cars suspension, if it is different to lowering, and does...
  3. ThatMercedesGuy93

    looking for working version of the lostcity map

    I have searched, downloaded, and failed to find a working version of Lostcity, everytime I redownload, just in case it could maybe be a bug, it still doesn't show up? if anyone knows where I can find one, I'd be greatful (and yes I did try using the refreshed maps, it didn't show up either)