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  1. Harperion6

    Black screen

    Whenever I go to boot up the game it just goes to a black screen and stays like that until I alt+f4 the game normally will startup in no more than 10 seconds and I have waited like 5 minutes Please help. Things i have tried -clearing cache (no change) I fixed it by renaming config smh
  2. Harperion6

    Slow-motion broken.

    I found a bug that makes slow-motion stop working properly at values of 0.046 or lower that include some stuttering and fully stopping. System specs are CPU: AMD A12 9720p (4 cores 8 threads) GPU: Integrated Radeon R7 RAM: 8GB LPDDR4 1866mhz SSD: WD Blue 1TB SATA III OS: Windows 10 21H1...
  3. Harperion6

    I need help with my ps4 lol (old)

    So I got some new games yesterday and was going to get them downloaded but I forgot my controller at another place and it decided my wifi is bad and now I can't use it I already tried -wired ethernet and remote play -external keyboard/mouse (wont work)
  4. Harperion6

    Osu! any of you play it?

    I'm just curious lol I started a few months ago
  5. Harperion6

    Track car project

    Hello I'm excited to say I am finally working on a possible mod I would say the odds are pretty low but not zero and even if so I can give my progress to you guys if you guys feel like finishing if I give up. The car is a simple design and I am sort of inspired by Formula for 1600 cars or old...
  6. Harperion6

    What happened to the RoR multiplayer community?

    I don't even think it was 2 years ago when you could hop on RoR and go to some multiplayer servers like Neo Queretaro and find 10-15 players online doing bus routes, emergency roleplay etc.
  7. Harperion6

    My ps4 control input it being dumb (help)

    So I was thinking about using a ps4 controller with RoR I knew it had built in input maps but I go to play the game with it and it is all over the place here's what the controller is doing Car/truck L2=switch cam R2=pause game L1=nothing R1=Parking brake Right Dpad=Nothing Left Dpad=Lights Up...
  8. Harperion6

    What is the Characters name?

    if he does not have one I'm going to name him bob bc he looks like a bob
  9. Harperion6

    Why does my game crash when I spawn planes?

  10. Harperion6

    Is there a way to use mods with rigs of rods?

    i have been wanting to use a few of there mods but my pc cant run beamng...
  11. Harperion6

    How do i make a mod for RoR?

    so i have been thinking of making a few deformable cars for the game how would i do that?
  12. Harperion6

    Any good drag cars?

    Hello! thank you for clicking on my post i was wondering if any of you guys have some good drag cars, if so put them here!
  13. Harperion6

    SOLVED: RoR black screen when trying to open it

    So my issue is that when ever I open up RoR it just shows a black screen with a cursor (like normal) but after the cursor disappears and the game gets stuck on a black screen and I need to alt + f4 to get out of it I'm not sure if any one else has this issue.
  14. Harperion6

    When I shutdown my PC RoR's game settings reset.

    So I play on a laptop so at the end of every day when I'm done I shut it down and plug it in to charge. but when I turn it on the next day and go into RoR my games Graphics, Controls and multiplayer settings are all reset. how would I fix this issue?
  15. Harperion6

    Anyone have any good aircraft mods?

    I was looking on the repository and I cant find anything interesting...