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  1. Mopar

    Mopar engines sound pack

    Mopar submitted a new resource: Mopar engines sound pack - A pack of 1960s-2000s Chrysler engines Read more about this resource...
  2. Mopar

    Cummins 24V (P7100 pump swap)

    RamKota submitted a new resource: Cummins VP44 24V - The cummins used on 98-01 rams Read more about this resource...
  3. Mopar

    Cummins 6BT

    RamCharger submitted a new resource: Cummins 6BT WIP - cummins Read more about this resource...
  4. Mopar

    Train Horns pack

    a small pack of great soundin horns. Contains: K5LA K5H K5HL P5
  5. Mopar

    Cummins pack

    Features some of the greatest cummins engines of all time 275, ISB, KT, N14, NTC, and X15 included soundsources script in each readme file. recommended to use with my Other pack requires knowledge of how to set up vehicle sounds. feel free to use these sounds with your own mods to upload to...
  6. Mopar

    Improved/Reworked default sounds

    this is somethin i have worked on since November 2020. This pack replaces some default sounds and reworks the rest Diesel engine and turbo sounds recorded from a Cummins 6BT. other sounds (brakes, parking brake, horn, turn signal, reverse beep, and gear grind) recorded off a peterbilt 359...
  7. Mopar

    Released 1994 Dodge Ram skinpack

    a few skins for Box5Diesels 94 Dodge ram. features black, green, gray, and orange with reflections working this time also big thanks to Mark for helpin me figure out the issues
  8. Mopar

    Mods limit?

    I have all content packs installed except planes and sea pack, and a ton of other mods. when i put the planes and sea content pack in the mods folder, sinlgeplayer, resume game, and multiplayer crash after loading the terrain, but when i remove the pack, it loads just fine. is there a mod limit...
  9. Mopar

    questions about the default steering wheel

    so i have some questions about the default steering wheel in rigs of rods. its the steering wheel that is a 4 spoke grey steering wheel with RoR logo on it. some mods (1st gen dodge, chevy g20, etc) use this wheel. where is the location of this wheel in the programs files? can i replace the...