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  1. XD_dominicXD

    Development Screens

    finally i made a fully submeshed nb that is even capable of multi track drifting
  2. XD_dominicXD

    Development Screens

    we're finally getting somewhere , the things taht need to be done now are the interior, small external things and the bogies
  3. XD_dominicXD

    Random Screens

  4. XD_dominicXD

    Random Screens

    well thats it and hit the traffic light
  5. XD_dominicXD

    Hamburg Fire Truck Pack

    Yes they are either "m","ctrl+1" for the lights and h for sirens
  6. XD_dominicXD

    Development Screens

    new project
  7. XD_dominicXD

    Honda Halfcord

    can we get the other half of both vehicles
  8. XD_dominicXD

    Help with the old Case steam tractor.

    i fixed it by making the rear wheels propulsed
  9. XD_dominicXD

    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    i used the old police sprinter on aspen grove
  10. XD_dominicXD

    Help with the old Case steam tractor.

    im having the same problem but its normal fromn the textures so it isnt just him
  11. XD_dominicXD

    Random Screens

    had some fun finally a trailer that is attachable to the zil
  12. XD_dominicXD

    Most recent Blender project

    this hideous Thing(ist a passenger car
  13. XD_dominicXD

    What games do you have installed

    Rigs of rods ,under the sand ,mindustry,outpost glacier,roblox,creativerse
  14. XD_dominicXD

    Random Screens

    Heres my collection
  15. XD_dominicXD

    Best RoR mod of all time

    mines the bombadier alp 45 dp
  16. XD_dominicXD

    Development Screens

    its almost done
  17. XD_dominicXD

    Development Screens

    Is that a BMW X3
  18. XD_dominicXD

    Classic Routemaster Bus

    Now we need a English map
  19. XD_dominicXD

    Need some assistance

    I went through the whole archive repo and I think that there is a sort of algorithm behind the letters and numbers but at the end of you see the actual name just put your mouse over it and look in the corners of the window/(for phone) hold the file and you can see it's names