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  1. Brisk

    Post a Picture of Your Desktop V3

    My current background. Nothing special atm
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    Random Screens

  3. Brisk

    RoR Classifieds

    God damn I forgot this thread even existed.
  4. Brisk

    RoR Classifieds

    I thought this thread had died.. but ok
  5. Brisk

    Random Screens

    I thought you died. wow.
  6. Brisk

    Released Citroen 2cv

    If you want to whine over a non deforming mod, go use one that actually deforms..
  7. Brisk

    RoR needs some way to grow it's community.

    There's no need for that, and if i'm not mistaken there was a video advertising the game a few years back. In my opinion, we don't need another one.
  8. Brisk

    Rate the photo above you - Rigs of Rods edition

    Using an old mod, but it's still nice. And it spins out pretty easy, also.
  9. Brisk

    Random Screens

    new forum layout looks hot
  10. Brisk

    WIP - Beta Released 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood & Commercial chassis

    great job, you replied to a dead thread
  11. Brisk

    RoR Classifieds

    Vehicle name: Ford Superduty Year (if unknown, leave blank): Distance travelled:145,500 Damages (if none, leave blank): Everything Extras (if any): N/A Vehicle history (e.g accidents and insurance claims, if none leave blank): Service records (e.g if stolen, vandalised, etc. in past, if not...
  12. Brisk

    Post your Speedtest results!

  13. Brisk

    On Hold 1986.5-1997 Nissan Hardbody Pack

    It'll be ready when it's ready.
  14. Brisk

    What did you do today?

    I tried to recreate an old Greyhound ad.
  15. Brisk

    RoR Classifieds

    Vehicle name: Toyota 4x4 Year (if unknown, leave blank): Distance travelled: 600,747 Damages (if none, leave blank): Blown engine, still runs but only on 4 cylinders (was a 6 cylinder) Extras (if any): None Vehicle history (e.g accidents and insurance claims, if none leave blank): Used to be a...
  16. Brisk

    Sluss's Sounds *Taking Requests*

    Nice! :) Trying them now.
  17. Brisk

    Repository Upload Requests

    Western Star 4900ex Pack >> WIP Beta released Western Star 4900EX Pack
  18. Brisk

    RoR Classifieds

    Like the old forum. Rules: Each listing must contain screenshots of the vehicle. Keep prices realistic. Do not ask for links to mods, this isn't a place for mod trading - it's just for fun. Do not mark a vehicle as "sold" without making a deal with someone first. Absolutely no stolen content...