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  1. Austin

    rigs of rods repository

    No bother at all! We're actively working on resolving the issue with the repository, and we'll have it back up and running soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  2. Austin

    How to hover with helicopter?

    Collective is not the throttle... It's the pitch of the rotor blades.
  3. Austin

    How to hover with helicopter?

    You don't reduce engine power or rotor speed, you reduce collective to maintain altitude.
  4. Austin

    SOLVED --- Ban appeal

    The Hideout server is not ran by Rigs of Rods, it is a private server.
  5. Austin

    How do I get unbanned from the RoR Official Discord?

    There is no one banned with your username. So you're going to have to elaborate.
  6. Austin

    Random Screens

  7. Austin

    Random Screens

    Literally didn't follow the rule in this very post...
  8. Austin

    Original Poster

    Original Poster
  9. Austin

    You are the original poster.

    You are the original poster.
  10. Austin

    Can I have a favor from someone?

    Sound like simmonsters maps, probably find them over there.
  11. Austin

    server problems

    Typically due to port forwarding issues..
  12. Austin

    Videocamera / mirror problem

    Do you have video camera debug turned on?
  13. Austin


    Is this only when loading a particular map? If so which map? Conan is the name of a C++ package manager. lol
  14. Austin

    What's up with development

    I doubt it. Content has always been community driven.
  15. Austin

    What is this vehicle?

    Timberjack 225 by Cydvx
  16. Austin

    Modding Question

    1. Blender, Notepad. 3. Everything is possible in ror.
  17. Austin

    Why are certain cars not showing in-game?

    Works for me after extracting the .rar contents and zipping them instead.
  18. Austin

    Bugs found 2022.04