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  1. kschroe_dev

    Invalid 1992 Ford Wrecker Cab Placement Issue

    Hello, It's been a while since I've posted in the forums, let alone even come online. Anyways, I loaded up the 92 Ford Tow Truck i had and the cab is not in place. Is there an updated file that I need to download? Thanks in advance, kschroe_dev
  2. kschroe_dev

    Can I Add Inflatable/Deflatable tires to any vehicle?

    if i can, is there a specific line i need to put in the .truck file? is it a wheels2 thing?
  3. kschroe_dev

    Solved Car Move/Spawn Problem

    Hello, There was a feature in 0.4.7 that i used often that i cant seem to find/forgot how to do it. It was a button that when you pressed it, you use w a s d to move the car forward in a "ghost mode" and wherever you stopped would be its new spawn point. I'm not sure if i explained that right...
  4. kschroe_dev

    Post a Picture of Your Desktop V3

    tuning your hard drive i see?
  5. kschroe_dev

    Recommendation on how to edit .dds files and skins in GIMP or PAINT.NET?

    I just downloaded these applications (GIMP and paint.NET) and i'd like to know if i can easily modify skins for vehicles? Thanks!
  6. kschroe_dev

    Mod Development Slow?

    Is there a reason why there is a shortage on mods? Are the main mod makers taking a break?
  7. kschroe_dev

    Where did this mod go? Did he stop working on it/take the download down?

    What happened to the 94 Dodge Ram Custom Pack by HEMI? I cant find a download
  8. kschroe_dev

    RoR Versions

    What versions do you have in zip format to use sometimes? i have 0.4.8 dev build 0.4.7 0.39.7
  9. kschroe_dev

    On Hold (NEW) GMT400 Pack

    cant wait for download!
  10. kschroe_dev

    Development Build Changelog?

    Is there a change log available for the most recent development build of RoR