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    On Hold 1987 Ford Festiva

    Not edit this. It would be an illegal mod then.
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    Development Screens

    i got locked out of my discord account cause discord for some stupid reason has reason to believe i am under 13, and i cba to send them my drivers license photo lol. so here is the new camaro n/b which i started with just creating the unibody, then going to slowly add the panels.
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    Rate the Picture Above You

    7/10 Wings I cook at work.
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    How to hover with helicopter?

    press CTRL+T ingame and it tells you the controls
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    WIP 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus

    it is. i work alot so it doesnt get worked on for a while. i havent work on it much lately but would like to work more on it sometime soon. ive just moved into a new house so between my home time and work i will begin having more time to mess around with stuff.
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    Random Screens

    Welcome back. Good to see some of the older members returning. :)
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    It is not yet available for download. I am hoping to have a beta up sometime by christmas or the...

    It is not yet available for download. I am hoping to have a beta up sometime by christmas or the beginning of the new year.
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    WIP 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Yes, there was a twin turbo V6 option in the US. i am not sure about any other countries though. i would like to have a beta out before christmas but you cant rush perfection of course.
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    WIP 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus

    This is a 2016 Audi R8 CREDITS: Me: 3d model, N/B Gibbzy: Uv mapping, N/b tuning help, among other things Philzilla: Helping out with some shocks tuning. Pixel: Extensive testing, and suggestions CuriousMike: Testing and feedback Anyone else I may have forgotten is more than welcome to DM me...
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    Maps not loading in one go (needs a couple of tries to load)

    Please upload your ror.log file. To be better assisted, you can post in the #game-support text channel in the Discord server.
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    Development Screens

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    Modding Guide for Mitchieboy's Mercedes-Benz CLK

    nice to see people still like to help others instead of always shitting on people
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    No sound?

    What does the audio tab in your RoR settings look like? Does your headset show u in the drop down menu?
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    Development Screens

    The textures don't "need" to be baked. It's up to the content creator if they want to bake the textures. Although it does make the textures look better, it's not 100% necessary
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    If someone can make a subwoofer mod

    something like this?
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    What is your favorite music genre(s)?

    i gotta say my absolute favorit joel song would be uptown girl with only the good die young being my second
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    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    @Zephyr You posted a download to your whole blend file lol