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  1. Fabry

    WIP Boeing 747-8

    Very good work!!!
  2. Fabry

    Released 1966 Ford Mustang MK1

    Very nice!!!
  3. Fabry

    Mr. Bean Skin for the Mini Austin

    Mini rallye mini Italian Job
  4. Fabry

    Mr. Bean Skin for the Mini Austin

    Paddy Hopkirk rallye skin could be an idea? Italian Job color pack?
  5. Fabry

    Guess the car

    Yes, with Kawasaki Ninja engine!!!
  6. Fabry

    Guess the car

    What car is this?
  7. Fabry

    Guess the car

    Peel P50 My turn:
  8. Fabry

    Rate the photo above you - Rigs of Rods edition

    Very specisl 2CV-Buggy mod
  9. Fabry

    How to open/close the trunk of gavril mv4?

    Tankyou very mich, i try!!
  10. Fabry

    How to open/close the trunk of gavril mv4?

    Ok, but i don't know what is the break groups and the beams you are talking about, and especially what is the numbering associated with them in the truck file
  11. Fabry

    How to open/close the trunk of gavril mv4?

    Hi, I tried in a thousand ways to get the gavril mv4 trunk to open and close, but I can't get the command to work, can someone help me? thanks.
  12. Fabry

    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Like a great job!!!
  13. Fabry

    Solved Rockton 18 problem

    I have solved the problem, tank you very much!!!
  14. Fabry

    Solved Rockton 18 problem

    Hi, i have last version of Ror and when i charge Rockton County map (any map of this) the grass spawn black, someone can help me to fix this problem? Tank you!
  15. Fabry

    Random Screens

    Hi, this is my update version of e36 bmw inspired at the movie Jurassic Park. I have added the brake discs and the caliper of gavril mv4, changed the steering wheel and retouched the car trim.
  16. Fabry

    1965 Zastava 750 "Fica"

    Nice car, but in Italy, the Zastava version was not well known. In Italy it was produced by Fiat and was called 600. Also famous are the 1000cc versions prepared by Abarth that won the track in touring car races. Abarth, Fiat preparer, also made smaller versions of the 600 corsaiola, for...
  17. Fabry

    Solved the link no longer works

    Thank you very much!!!
  18. Fabry

    Solved the link no longer works

    Hi, I would be interested in downloading the rollbar for the bmw e36, but the link no longer exists, does anyone know where I could find it?
  19. Fabry

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year at all!!!