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  1. AgentV12

    Optimus prime truck and trailer mod fit for community guidelines. is free to use. Also there is quite extensive documentation about .skinzip files, up to and including a blank .skin file for you to use as a template. Worst case scenario, join the discord, and people can help you in more or less real time.
  2. AgentV12

    WIP - Beta Released Mazda 626 GF

    Absolutely fantastic work @masfilip, great to have you back!
  3. AgentV12

    List of turntable trailers

    You forgot these: P-32 Vehicle Trailer Ackermann Moving Trailer
  4. AgentV12

    Cannot Change control's like i could before

    Mark's fantastic reply does leave one thing out that should be acknowledged: RoR's keyboard control scheme is about as optimized and laid out as best as it can be. In terms of how good it is for the longevity of your hardware, it isn't exactly great, as the arrow keys on a laptop or slim...
  5. AgentV12

    What is your dream car?

    Nissan R-33 GT-R V-Spec
  6. AgentV12

    Ford Taunus TC

    No, this is an old mod by DirtGamer. It's no longer in any kind of development, but you can make a scrappy skin for the Taunus if you'd like.
  7. AgentV12

    What WAS This Mod?

    Nope, try again. (Pay attention to the color and shading.)
  8. AgentV12

    What WAS This Mod?

    Welcome to the latest and greatest innovation in forum guessing games! With a forensics twist! Prove the extent of your knowledge of Rigs of Rod's expansive catalog of mods and vehicles, by identifying them using only images of their crumpled remains. As with similar threads, the rules are...
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    Random Screens

  10. AgentV12

    WIP - Beta Released 1990 Lincoln Town Car

    When the crown vic ain't swag enough for you...
  11. AgentV12

    where can i find the burnside pick-up ?

    No, you may not have it; not only is it a private mod by CuriousMike, but, although I'm not exactly sure on the standing today, Gabester mostly didn't permit modded vehicles of his to be released.
  12. AgentV12

    Solved NeoQueretaro multiplayer

    I was told that it was shut off because of constant abuse of the server. From spam and bullying of other players, to abusing and bypassing bans. Overall, it was just another case of the few ruining it for the many. They may bring the server back online in the future, but I'm guessing that'll...
  13. AgentV12

    [Unfinished] Case Steam Traction Engine

    What version are you using? Also, it really hates driving over sand. Wheels collapse on themselves if it's in a multilayered terrain and it can even explode.
  14. AgentV12

    Help with the old Case steam tractor.

    In and up until I think 0.4.8 build #370, it worked like a charm, but now it refuses to move. I've done a lot of experimenting, and still can't get it to move. I think the N/B needs a complete rebuild.
  15. AgentV12

    Nowhere near as active as I used to be, but rest assured, I'm slowly mirroring those 767 liveries...

    Nowhere near as active as I used to be, but rest assured, I'm slowly mirroring those 767 liveries...
  16. AgentV12

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack by JulianOxfordModding - Huge Update - 15 New Skins!

    You need to put it in the Mods folder in Documents >> My Games >> Rigs of Rods, assuming you have version 2020.01
  17. AgentV12

    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    The good ol' Unimog 406 on NHelens.
  18. AgentV12

    maps with villages wanted!

    I love that map! It's fantastic for trucking. But in all seriousness, there is quite the selection of village maps: -Starling Island -Rockton County -Road and Village -Greece -Belgium -Tuanga Challenge -Snow Valley -Cascades The list goes on and on. I'd just recommend downloading the entire...