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    Ban Appeal

    You got banned from another server that if you so happened to take a look at, is hosted by the same person. The servers are linked so quite often bans transfer between them. What were you banned for on the other server?
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    Random ROR Videos

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    Repository Upload Requests Incase you used another link, this works fine for me. Mods are not going to be added to the repo just because you can't get them. Perhaps it may be updated and uploaded but there's a certain quality mods usually have to meet to be put onto the repository.
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    Suggestions for improvement?

    The content pack exists for that exact reason, which can be added as an option from the installer when you download the game in the first place, or later installed from the in-game repo or forums.
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    Which car mod is this?

    Please go and actually try looking! They are incredibly easy to find. And again, Mike did not make every single mod his name is included on and are not from BeamNG
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    Released Ford Mustang foxbody (1982)

    The backfire? It's just that, not a turbo.
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    WIP 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Well, it does have "Audi R8 V10 Plus" in the thread's name, so I'd say yes.
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    Random ROR Videos

    I know I already did this yesterday, but I beat my fastest lap again. Got a 55.85 twice in a row. I also included the entire hot lap session with it, took a lot longer than 7 minutes this time.
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    Random ROR Videos

    None, a keyboard with the steering speed coupling is how I've always played
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    Random ROR Videos

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    Random ROR Videos

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    Xbox Controller Input Map

    This is for a wired. However, I don't see why a wireless wouldn't work, just pair it to your computer.
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    Random ROR Videos

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    Random Screens

    Taiga Adventure
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    Random ROR Videos

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    Random ROR Videos

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    Hmmm, would like to see this professional drifting 🤔

    Hmmm, would like to see this professional drifting 🤔
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    Random ROR Videos

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    Random ROR Videos

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    I edited a mod (do not worry its not being reuploaded or posted here) :)

    This is the standard S10 and not what you had sent before. However the best thing is just trial and error, it's how you figure things out here, just read over it again and try to find what went wrong and try again until get it right.