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  1. Joako360

    Real world map to game terrain (osm2terrn2 Project)

    I wanted to show you where the version I have named "indev v0.1" is in. I am doing the tests in my city, Luis Guillon, Argentina (more info here). This way I can tell that something is wrong. Starting with the heightmap. I want to show that it can build an elevation map. I find a couple of...
  2. Joako360

    Real world map to game terrain (osm2terrn2 Project)

    Including real life buildings is something I plan to do since it is not as difficult as it seems, just draw an outline, extrude it up a couple of meters, change the roof model and put some textures. But for now I'm trying to make sure the streets have the right elevation and orientation.
  3. Joako360

    Real world map to game terrain (osm2terrn2 Project)

    Update May 2021: 1- Sorry for the long absence. 2- Now talking about the project... I said that the project would be based on C#... but that was before I learned a minimum of python (much easier for someone who is not a programmer like me who study mechanics), plus I found a library to use...
  4. Joako360

    WIP - Beta Released Debug World

    World for map making purposes only. Explore each object included in base game. For more info, see this doc. TODO: Optimize distance between objects: I made this map with a default distance between objects of 160m, but there are objects smaller and larger than that, like signs, they are very...
  5. Joako360

    Real world map to game terrain (osm2terrn2 Project)

    Hello again, after some time since the last publication, I have to announce that the current status of this project is ... Active!:D but with some changes in the original concept. After some research:unsure:, I discovered and decided that C # is a good option for the realization of the idea...
  6. Joako360

    Real world map to game terrain (osm2terrn2 Project)

    Recently I discovered an open data map, OpenStreetMap, which allows you to export data from an area, and it is possible to develop a solution to convert data from this map into a game terrain.The objective of this would be to make more realistic terrains in a simpler way, mainly oriented to...
  7. Joako360

    On Hold Y86WS Linea General Roca Skin

    Authors: Y86-WS: Guto_worksim, sputnik_1 Train Valley: sputnik_1, donoteat, BigBoy This paintjob is used in the Argentine passangers trains Reference photos:
  8. Joako360

    Repository Upload Requests

    Mistubishi L200 I was looking for another version with a Redbull rally skin and gearbox sound but I can't found it :( Rigs of Rods - Gameplay Mitsubishi L200 Drive - YouTube RIGS OF RODS MITSHUBISHI L200 TEST...