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    Outer space (atmosphere)

    Just an idea, adding something above the current sky/ atmosphere. When you launch rockets they only get to a certain point and then stop doing anything or fall back down.
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    Picture of Your Ride V4.0

    Sorry for big picture but, this is my 1979 corvette. Only had her for about a month now and have huge plans for it. Sometime over the summer I will be building a 454 big block from a 1970 corvette and giving it a supercharger.
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    96 Mustang cobra mystic

    What's your opinion on this 96 mustang cobra? Looking to buy one soon... 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra For Sale In Washington |
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    So I know this was around a while back and graysonk maybe a tutorial about it. But I was wondering if there was gonna be any future plans to make it easier to implement vehicles to it in game?
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    idle rpm

    So in neutral it seems buses idle at a higher rpm than in drive. Would this be possible to simulate this in ror? Here's a vid for reference. TC/2000 FE Start Up - YouTube 1 min 14 sec in the video