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  1. only_a_ptr

    (For Devs) New Server Net

    Hi, sorry for taking more than a year to get to this. You're making a very good point. States like parking brake aren't transferred because they don't have any visual indication. Brakes have a brake light flare so they must be synched, and they are - I'm not sure why brake sounds don't work...
  2. only_a_ptr

    TerrnBatcher: an in-game tool to boost terrain FPS

    Bump! The branch is now merged, so the script is included with itch devbuild, see for instructions. Any comments are welcome.
  3. only_a_ptr

    Embedded waypoints

    I've just made it possible:
  4. only_a_ptr

    WIP - Beta Released Stunt Rally 130 tracks converted for RoR

    Regarding road meshes, The Pull Request 3030 introduces the ability to generate arbitrary meshes via AngelScript, so you can write a script that hides auto-generated meshes and creates new custom ones. The bundled script '' can serve as example how roads are accessed dynamically. I...
  5. only_a_ptr

    WIP - Beta Released Stunt Rally asset packs

    This is such a fantastic contribution. Thank you!
  6. only_a_ptr

    TerrnBatcher: an in-game tool to boost terrain FPS

    I added the option to dump the generated meshes as regular .mesh files. The [dump] button only becomes visible if you check the "Enable dumping..." checkbox.
  7. only_a_ptr

    WIP - Beta Released Community Map

    I've been workin on a tool to optimize this map (and other maps as well):
  8. only_a_ptr

    TerrnBatcher: an in-game tool to boost terrain FPS

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the TerrnBatcher, a script with the ability to reduce batch count (thus boosting FPS) in just a few clicks. Our maps have large FPS issues due to the fact we use hundreds low-poly meshes with hundreds of individual materials containing simple...
  9. only_a_ptr

    Porting content - Stunt Rally tracks exporter

    Asset packs drafted: I'll probably do the TOBJ 'set_default_scaling' directive tomorrow. I didn't have time to read the latest posts, either way your porting efforts are admirable and it's terrific that you even hang around this project (y)
  10. only_a_ptr

    Porting content - Stunt Rally tracks exporter

    OK, I'll try to put answers together. Resource packs: at the moment we don't have that, but it wouldn't be a big deal to add - it just never became a priority, I guess somebody suggested it (SimMonsters people perhaps) but I don't have any specific memory. How I'd go about it: Considering how...
  11. only_a_ptr

    Porting content - Stunt Rally tracks exporter

    This is fantastic - I wondered if RoR could 'borrow' stuff from StuntRally at some point, but this unfolds so fast and so smoothly that I'm stunned. I really need to check forum more, kudos to @thomz92 for ringing me up. I'll try to help with what I know. I completely agree that RoR lacks...
  12. only_a_ptr

    Axes, orientations and origin points

    3D is hard. XYZ sounds simple enough, but as soon as you ask "which way is left/up/right", you run into ambiguities. I'd like to sum up what we know, in a short format. The reason I'm posting this: In the game, +Y is up, +X is right, +Z is forward. See this image in OGRE docs. This "Y is up"...
  13. only_a_ptr

    in game Editorizer/RoREditor

    Bump! A really promising debate on vehicle-configurator is hapenning in Discord#development: Linking here because things on Discord chats easily get lost.
  14. only_a_ptr

    in game Editorizer/RoREditor

    Bump! After writing the above post I realized it's silly to leave the `GenericDocument` feature read-only, so I invested a bit of time to make it editable:
  15. only_a_ptr

    in game Editorizer/RoREditor

    I won't have time to work on this until at least next spring, but one thing is sure - if there's ever an in-game editor, it will be a script. All the groundwork is actually already in master, the only missing piece is a daring adventurer who would like to try coding it themselves. This is the...
  16. only_a_ptr

    List of mods using legacy Cg shaders (risk analysis)

    I didn't realize this but yes, it's because it internally uses managed materials. Those are not a problem however because they ship with the game so I can just rewrite them. I'm only worried about mods bringing their own shaders. Anyway thanks for the note.
  17. only_a_ptr

    Enter the Codebase

    Flaws and what to do about them, 2023 edition. This is 1:1 update to this 2018's post. I originally wrote these as colored inline updates to the original post, but I ran into character limit, so I'm posting separately. Terminology: Actors Fixed for good. C++ now uses exclusively `class Actor`...
  18. only_a_ptr

    List of mods using legacy Cg shaders (risk analysis)

    - Auriga terrain: contains a Cg shader file but doesn't use it, probably a leftover from .terrn system. Tested on Windows/DirectX
  19. only_a_ptr

    Mission system prototype

    The game is in "free roam" mode by default, you can spawn/teleport/mouse-drag things and so on. The mission author must have the option to block unwanted features. Below is a preliminary list. Suggestions are welcome. Grabbing nodes with mouse Teleporting Spawning vehicle via UI or hotkey...
  20. only_a_ptr

    List of mods using legacy Cg shaders (risk analysis)

    nVidia Cg toolkit was the go-to shader technology when Rigs of Rods was at peak popularity and most mods were made (circa 2010). But now it's just a proprietary burden that prevents us from migrating to new rendering APIs. Yesterday there was a debate in Discord#development and while we pretty...